Flat oofs Are Not Just for Industrial Plants

Many new housing developments, individual homes, hotels, and restaurants are opting for flat roofs over pitches ones. In the cases of residential buildings, multiple unit or personal, the flat roof provides more space. The population is growing and keeping with housing demands is a challenge. Homes, condominiums, and apartment buildings are being constructed smaller to take up less space.

Residential Settings

A flat roof can be used as a patio, a place for a potted garden, or an area to enjoy the stars at night. Yards, if there are any at all, are also smaller so a flat roofs make up for that lost space. Apartment buildings and condominiums are beginning to utilize that space to allow residents a place to relax or get together with friends. It is easier to have a party on the roof than it is to try and cram people into a little apartment.


The Hospitality Industry

Hotels and restaurants are making use of flat roofs to attract more customers. Dinning under the stars on a clear night, elevates the experience. Restaurants also use the roof as a place to grow herbs and vegetables for dishes, and flowers for the tables. Some place the bar and big screen televisions on the roof. Hotels often reserve that space for private parties, charity brunches, and corporate luncheons. The views and fresh air make a great impression on guests.

Getting One Installed

Even if a homeowner wants a flat roof, it is best to seek out commercial roofing Denver. A residential company will not have the experience, skills, and equipment required to properly install a flat roof. There are also many Roofing companies denver that specialize in commercial roofing that do not have the skills. It is important to find a company that has installed flat roofs for many years. Ask for references from customers who have had the company install a flat roof.

Many components can go wrong in the installation process. Insulation and waterproofing has to be tight and go all the way to the edges. The correct thickness of coatings have to be poured or placed on the roof. Drainage is another component that many companies do not install properly. Water ponds on the roof, leaks occur, and materials can become brittle and crack.

A flat roof is a substantial investment so choose a company wisely. Major repair or restoration costs are not inexpensive. It is vital the roof be installed precisely to get maximum benefit from the space.

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